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    Since taking office November 8th, 2012 I have been working hard to improve the Sheriff's Office for the citizens of Campbell County.

    Please take a look through the list below for some specifics of what I have accomplished to benefit our citizens.
    I would be honored If you would allow me continue the progress I began on November 8th, 2012 with your vote on May 20th.

    Implemented new security protocals to tighten and enhance security at the new Campbell County Justice center

    Implemented new silent emergency security response system for county administration building

    Hired a new Director of Finance with over 20 years experience

    Hired a new Office Manager with 4 years experience running a county office and a degree in criminal justice

    Hired a new Sergeant with over 13 years experience

    Cut costs while providing new services to Campbell County citizens and coming in at 335 thousand UNDER budget for 2013

    Reduced budget for 2014 by 165 thousand dollars

    Due to streamlining of operations and reduced costs, returned $225,000.00 to Campbell County, Silver Grove, Bellevue and
    Dayton school systems

    Created new Social Media sites for better citizen outreach and transparency

    First Sheriff's Office in the state of Ky to offer a mobile app for it's citizens to better inform and protect with NO taxpayer cost

    Updated Sheriff's Office website with new, corrected and updated information

    Implemented agency-wide email system for all employees

    Implemented computerized shared calendar system for employee scheduling

    Implemented computerized scheduling for all prisoner transports

    Corrected all previous payroll issues within the Sheriff's Office

    Mandated that our Deputies assist all other police agencies when needed while on duty

    Implemented the use of Professional Transport Systems for long range transports cutting prisoner transport costs by more than half

    Developed and implemented the CCSO's first ever policies and procedures manual (over 300 pages)

    Appointed range officer to maintain firearm inventory and agency firearm standards

    Instituted the Sheriff's office first ever participation in the Alexandria fair for improved citizen interaction

    Implemented mandatory firearm training and qualification for all sworn personnel

    Implemented mandatory taser training and certification for all sworn personnel

    Instituted that all office personnel become notary publics to provide convienience to citizens

    Implementation of cross training for all Sheriff's Office personnel

    Inplementation of new spending controls within the Sheriff's Office to cut costs

    Mandated and completed training and arming of all sworn courthouse security personnel

    Designed and managed the opening of a the first ever Alexandria satellite Sheriff's office

    Presented with an award from the Ky State House of Representatives for my performance as Cambell County Sheriff

    Implementation of new "Stuffed Animals for Traumatized Children" program

    Organized and held the first ever Sheriff's Office employee picnic

    Designed and Implemented updated radio communication system in the new justice center

    Updated cruiser mobile data terminal communication technology to be functional county wide

    Appointed evidence officer to maintain Sheriff's Office professional standards in evidence handling

    Instituted new evidence handling and storage procedures

    Completed over 130 hours of specialized Sheriff training from the Department of Criminal Justice Training and Homeland Security

    Marked all Sheriff's office vehicles for better community visibility and service

    Implemented acceptance of credit cards at all Sheriff's Office locations

    Implementation of new biometric time system to ensure proper time keeping and save on payroll innacuracies and cutting costs

    Perfomance of compliance checks for Judge Karen Thomas's drug court helping to combat the drug problem in Campbell County

    Instituted increased participation in FOP 10's kids and cops (formerly shop with a cop)

    Sucessfully completed a state KLEFPF audit of officer certification and payment

    Sucessfully completed a state Tax audit of Sheriff's Office collection of over 48 million in property taxes

    Instituted new free citizen "lockout" service to assist citizens who lock themselves out of their vehicles

    Released a 2nd amendment position statement protecting the rights of Campbell County citizens

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