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  Sheriff Kidwell Public Endorsements

   U.S. Senator Jim Bunning

    "Sheriff Jeff Kidwell has been a friend of mine for many years, and as citizens of Campbell County, Mary and I
    sincerely appreciate all that he has done to streamline his office and save taxpayer money. The leadership and
    effectiveness that he has brought to this office needs to remain in place, and I look forward to all that he will
    accomplish in his second term.

    I endorse him for this high office and ask voters to support him this May."

  Congressman Geoff Davis

   "I am supporting Sheriff Jeff Kidwell for his re-election campaign. Having worked with many local officials
   over the years, I can say that Sheriff Kidwell has done an excellent job in such a short time regarding the
   protection of the taxpayer, community outreach, increasing service, and providing proper protection for the

  I endorse Sheriff Kidwell for re-election and urge my fellow Republicans to support him on May 20."

   Northern Kentucky Right to Life   (Click to read full endorsement)

   National Rifle Association   (Click to read full endorsement)

  Senate President David Williams

   "Sheriff Kidwell represents the best of us (Republicans) he is loyal to his party to the end and he doesn't blink."

  Paula Drake Director of All Dogs Come From Heaven Rescue

  "I urge you to support Campbell County Ky Sheriff Jeff Kidwell in his re-election campaign. He is an elected official who
  has the power to make a difference in animal cruelty cases AND he does! We need him and others like him in office where a
  no nonsense approach to animal welfare is paramount to a safe county for everyone - humans and animals alike."

  Grady Brown - Teacher and Northern Kentucky Sports Icon

  "I spent 38 years teaching and coaching in the Newport School District and always wanted my kids to make a difference.
   I encouraged them to go to college and come back to the community to make a difference.I'm starting to see that happen.
   Please vote for one of my former students Jeff Kidwell for Sheriff. Jeff is making a difference and wants to continue
   to make a difference for the people of Campbell County.

   Thank you,
   Grady Brown"

   Tim Duffy - Campbell County Citizen (and creator of the Stand with Sheriff Kidwell Facebook site)

   "Since moving to Campbell County back in 2000 I have seen my taxes increase every year, corruption in several County
   offices. Since sheriff Kidwell took office I've seen a return to smaller governance and a return to an elected official who
   takes his oath of office seriously and stands with the U.S. Constitution. Sheriff Kidwell has my vote and the votes of
   my family and friends."

   Assistant Falmouth Police Chief JP Tucker (Click to read full endorsement)

   Falmouth Mayor Mark Hart (Click to read full endorsement)

   Cold Spring Mayor Mark Stoeber

   More endorsements coming soon!

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